June 27, 2014
2 months and 8 days left
until our celebration.
McCloud - Duncan - Johnson
Family Reunion
Greetings Family!

I’m excited to announce plans for our 2014 McCloud-Duncan-Johnson Family Reunion.
The McCloud-Duncan-Johnson Family reunion will take place Friday June 27, 2014 – Sunday June 29, 2014 in Tunica Mississippi.
Reunion events will begin with registration on Friday, June 27, 2014 and conclude Sunday June 29, 2014. This will be a three day event, giving family members an opportunity to get better acquainted, reflect on our history, spend time with each other and build relationships that will last a lifetime.
Your Coordinator for the 2014 McCloud-Duncan-Johnson Family Reunion will be Ida Hentz the Granddaughter of Frank and Louvenia McCloud Sr. and Daughter of Thelma and James Zanders. Assisting Ida will be Carolyn Darnell, Marilyn Davis, Kimberly Zanders and Tyra Taylor.
Since it has been over 10 years since our last Reunion, we encourage everyone to go to http://www.missfamilyreunion.myevent.com and register starting February 5, 2014.   This website will serve as our means of communication as we plan our reunion. Here you can post photos, stay current of family events and receive periodic planning updates.
In order to have a successful weekend of events we are going to need individuals that are willing to chair several committees. If you are interested in helping and have a special talent, please make sure you complete the volunteer signup sheet. We want your help and ideas! We are looking forward to working with everyone who is interested and willing to help make this reunion a fun and memorable event for all who attend.

Enclosed you will find a schedule of events outlining planned activities, hotel information, registration information, and the volunteer signup sheet. For those of you that have access to a computer, please utilize the online portal for registration and also complete the enclosed documents and return no later than March 1, 2014.

If you are aware of any family members that may not have received this correspondence either by US mail or electronically, please let us know so that we may reach out to them. It’s very important that no one is left out.
Start spreading the word and send this link to other family members.
Ida Z. Hentz
Family Reunion Coordinator
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